Rick Freedman, Agile Consultant

Rick Freedman, Agile Consultant

Guiding Clients to Enterprise Agility

I’m the author of ‘The Agile Consultant‘, written for coaches and consultants guiding their clients to enterprise agility. I consult with enterprises that want to benefit from enhanced agility by helping them adopt agile mindset and practice. I train teams in agile practices and behavior, and guide enterprises to agile maturity. Rather than focusing solely on agile practices and methodologies, I help my clients enhance their agility by continuously improving  practices, processes, relationships, and culture.

I specialize in agile transitions, helping organizations evolve toward lean, agile, responsive cultures. As outlined in my book ‘The Agile Consultant‘, I apply a structured approach to engaging with clients as they transition to agility. In my engagements I play every role required, from trainer to scrummaster to strategic agile coach, in order to guide clients to their maximum agility. My clients expect more than agile practices at the team level; they seek to become agile enterprises, with the responsiveness and flexibility to compete.

I bring mature project and business skills to my engagements, based on my experience in project director positions at firms like Intel, Cap Gemini, NEC, and Citicorp. At Intel, my team created the Intel Solutions Methodology, a lean process for delivering IT projects with discipline. I led Intel consultants worldwide delivering a $40M portfolio of complex data-center and software projects. My clients include Microsoft, HP, Ericsson, Sprint, SEGA, Credit Suisse, Deluxe, U.S Dep’t of Treasury, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and People’s Republic of China.

I’ve been writing on agile topics since 2000 for publications like TechRepublic and DZone, and frequently present at industry and Project Management Institute conferences. I’ve written three previous books on IT consulting. My course “Consulting Skills for IT Professionals” has been presented to thousands of IT experts across the U.S. and around the world. I wrote, and present worldwide, ESI’s “Agile Project Management” course.

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