Clients Say…

Clients Say…

“Rick Freedman mentored and provided IT consulting training to me while I was working as an Enterprise Architect and Practice Manager at Intel. Rick’s pragmatic approach and consulting framework outlined in his book, “ The IT Consultant”, provided me with a powerhouse of key attributes that catapulted my relationship skills to become a respected, trusted advisor to Intel’s Global Accounts. I followed Rick’s book as my IT consulting bible and believe EVERY IT consultant should have this book. Rick’s patience and teaching in his area of IT consulting expertise has clearly contributed significantly to the advancement of my professional accomplishments. Rick’s expertise focuses on delivering the highest business value proposition for IT projects. Rick is an AMAZING master at what he does!

Tammy Kendall, Intel         tammy kendall

After reading Rick’s book, I felt compelled to have him work with our entire consulting services team to improve our client engagement. Rick is highly effective with articulating concepts to successfully navigate complex client relationships to a group of extroverted technical consultants. His approach is that of core interpersonal skills, business management, and common sense. Working with Rick has been an all around pleasure and fun experience. We fully intend to have him work and coach in our team again as he brings a great deal of value and experience.”

Jason Leveson, Deltek       jason leveson

Rick is an articulate expert on IT management and strategies, able to share his expertise and insights to the great benefit of others. As managing editor of the Microsoft Partners website, I hired Rick to write “Perfecting Your Practice,” a monthly column on IT marketing strategies. He always had excellent topic ideas and well-written columns, a plus for any editor. Rick’s columns were wildly popular with our partners, to the point that he had “groupies” at the Partner conferences!

 Abby Wolfe, Microsoft   abby wolfe

“Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen Rick achieve success as an industry-recognized author, journalist and worldwide IT consulting subject matter expert. I’ve received tremendous value from his counsel, mentorship and friendship. Rick’s first book, “The IT Consultant” was very effective at presenting consulting concepts that were straight-forward and teachable. I still use many of these same techniques today for the professional development of IT consultants and Project Managers. Overall, his keen insight to customer problems and extraordinary communication skills allow Rick to craft solution sets that deftly balance risk, profitability and business value. I look forward to working with Rick again someday.”

 Jonathan Heng, Dell   jonathan Heng

“I worked with Rick in developing potential service offerings around NEC’s IT Platform products. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of IT services from strategy setting through execution. I highly recommend reading his book “Building the IT Consulting Practice” if you are at all involved in building an IT Services practice.”

Jake Kaldenbaugh, NEC Global Services   jake kaldenbaugh

Rick can be summed up as a Leader, Manager, Mentor, and Facilitator. I was most impressed with his ability to leverage his business management, technology, project management, training, and consultative skills to engage both business executives and the technical staff to develop and deliver high value, high impact initiatives. It is rare to find a Project Management Consultant such as Rick who is comfortable working with the entire value chain including sales, customer engagement, and solutions delivery.”

 Munir Bhimani, Microsoft   munir

“Working with Rick over several years was always very productive and refreshing. Rick has been outstanding coach, both for project management skills as well as professional experience. His business understanding and project management experience is deep and broad, his ability to provide lively education to both individuals and groups in project and program management in simply impressive.”

 Oliver Mark,  Intel   oliver mark

Rick is an amazing individual with a wealth of knowledge, incredible experience and always willing to help the team and mentor personnel. Rick takes all the time required and goes the extra mile to assist the  staff in understanding the business strategy and achieve the goals. He always puts the customer first and strives to fully understand their problems and requirements. Rick always exceeds his commitment to delivery with excellence. I feel privileged for having the opportunity to learn from him. 

 Leopoldo Iribarren,  Intel   leo

“Rick’s  style made it very easy for me to approach him for guidance. In intense moments, he is very calm, open-minded and very willing to support the team as necessary. He has great energy, keeps you engaged in discussions, and he knows how to keep discussions focused, as a leader should. What makes it most easy to work with Rick is his outgoing personality, but he is also very conscientious of other people’s thoughts and feelings. Should I have the opportunity to work with Rick again, I would look forward to it without hesitation.”

 Steve Fukumoto, NEC Global Services  Steve Fukumoto

Rick’s skills in relationship building, customer management and selling are well documented in his book, “The IT Consultant”, which is even more relevant today then when it was published. I have experienced his performance in these areas, and it’s appropriate that he wrote the book on the subject. Rick is comfortable switching between business and technical modes. He is a builder, a leader, a guy who gets it done.” 

John Richardson, Entex Business Service   John Richardson

Rick is a generous teacher and I learned enormously from his experience. He is very insightful and can see through the intricate details of complicated business undertakings. Rick is an effective facilitator and his direct, honest, and good spirited manner enables him to work through all kinds of professional settings, be it parties with common goals, or groups with conflicting interests. I consider myself fortunate to be able to work with him and learn from him.”— Ka Yan Lee,  Oracle 

“Rick is truly a thought leader in the field of consulting and project management. Rick unique style is a synergistic combination of experience, sheer intelligence and out of the box thinking that benefits both his customers and colleagues. I have drawn on Rick’s knowledge numerous times.”

 Colin McCabe, Red Hat   Colin McCabe